【Important】Closing of tixee service

2016.10.25 (火)

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Announcement of closing of tixee service

We thank everyone who have used tixee.
We are sorry to announce that tixee service, starting from 2012, is going to close by the end of Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017. We thank you again for all the support and we send our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.


1. Date of Closing
Both the application (iOS, Android) and web site will be closed on Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017. All functions that we have provide will not be able to use after.


2. Important announcement regarding to closing

>To event organizers
After Monday, Oct 31st. 2016, new events will not be able to create. However, event pages that have been created before will be able to sell using our functions.

>To customers who have bought tixee tickets
After Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017 tixee application will not be able to be used. For those who request to transfer and save their previous tixee tickets, we have prepared a transition to transfer the tickets to our new application “tixeebox”. (>>What is tixeebox?)
For further details, please confirm the below address.
>>【tixee】Form to transition tixee tickets
The deadline of applying for a transition to transfer is Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017.
※After end of service date, tixee application might be able to open. However, we will not guarantee any inconvenience it might cause.


3. Addressing Replacement Service
For event organizers who are planning to have an event after Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017 please use “DMM.E” service operated by DMM.com.
※Please access the above link and select the”お問い合わせ” that is listed under 「イベント主催者の皆様へ」. Our sales team will contact you to inform the service.


4. Regarding to payment of tickets
For events that are going to be held after Saturday, 28th Jan. 2017, we will transfer the ticket money within five business day after the event as our previous operation to the registered bank account.


5. Regarding to customer information
We will delate all customer information after closing of service based on terms customers have agreed upon.


6. For other concerns
Please feel free to contact our tixee customer support team if you have any questions or concerns regarding to our closing


Thank you again for supporting us and we appreciate for your understanding.


tixee team